4 thoughts on “Sugarland Walk-in Clinic”

  1. I needed to get my Diabetic prescriptions renewed. The Doctor that I had been going to in Buffalo would not return my calls or the many calls the pharmacy made to his office. I went to the Sugarland Walk-in Clinic and was treated like a wanted customer by the staff and Dr. Robinson was great. He actually spent time with me and not his computer. I will use Sugarland Walk-in Clinic and Dr Robinson whenever I can.


  2. Several family members were sick over Christmas last year while visiting Sheridan. Each one visited Sugarland Walk-in Clinic and were more than pleased with how they were welcomed and treated. Thank you for providing such genuine patient care with excellence.


  3. Sugarland Walk-In Clinic is the best clinic in town! Dr Robinson is an amazing doctor with an awesome bedside manner! He’s on of the best doctors in town!!!!!!!!


  4. I have lots of serious illnesses including End stage COPD. I credit the Doctor for keeping me alive and enjoying my life! Whenever I’m having a real problem, he is the one I see.


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