5 thoughts on “Sugarland Walk-in Clinic”

  1. I needed to get my Diabetic prescriptions renewed. The Doctor that I had been going to in Buffalo would not return my calls or the many calls the pharmacy made to his office. I went to the Sugarland Walk-in Clinic and was treated like a wanted customer by the staff and Dr. Robinson was great. He actually spent time with me and not his computer. I will use Sugarland Walk-in Clinic and Dr Robinson whenever I can.


  2. Several family members were sick over Christmas last year while visiting Sheridan. Each one visited Sugarland Walk-in Clinic and were more than pleased with how they were welcomed and treated. Thank you for providing such genuine patient care with excellence.


  3. Sugarland Walk-In Clinic is the best clinic in town! Dr Robinson is an amazing doctor with an awesome bedside manner! He’s on of the best doctors in town!!!!!!!!


  4. Best medical facility treatment I’ve had in years…quick, very professional, friendly and efficient. This is a 5 star clinic! I’ve heard the same from everyone else I know who have visited.


  5. I have lots of serious illnesses including End stage COPD. I credit the Doctor for keeping me alive and enjoying my life! Whenever I’m having a real problem, he is the one I see.


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